Marine Snow Park, Rockland ME, Friday at 5pm

There’s an auxiliary practice date this Friday combining Belfast and Damariscotta frisbee nuts. Go if you can!

Marine Snow Park, Rockland ME, Friday at 5pm

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  1. Amelia says:

    hi! i’m thinking of making the trip from camden to damariscotta tomorrow for pick up, because i can’t find anywhere else to play! i talked to “scott” at the common ground fair about pick up in belfast, and he said he’d email me, but he hasn’t. do you know scott? he invited me to clambake, and i don’t know if i can come, but he said DamFast needed girls. and i’m a girl. and i love ultimate. i have played frisbee in high school and college, and really want to get back into it now that i’ve graduated. any info you have would be very helpful, and (maybe) see you tomorrow –


  2. Chris says:

    Just wondering if you all are still playing…didn’t see any recent posts.
    I was really excited to hear about your group. I played in college (many, many years ago) and would love to start playing again. My girlfriend has never played, but we throw the disc around a lot and play disc golf, and would love play ultimate and get in shape and meet some new people.
    Look forward to hearing back…may head up there today to check it out.

  3. admin says:

    We are still playing at GSB. 2pm-Sundown. I hope to see you!

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