DamFast T-Shirt Design

DamFast T-Shirt Review

Hi Folks,

In anticipation of our upcoming tournament, I’m uploading a draft of the team T. The idea came from Bruce M. and the intrepid Perry. I’ve taken a very simple approach in order to keep costs down (shading and multiple colors all increase costs).

Please take a look and post comments to let me know your thoughts.

DamFast T-Shirt Design
Version 1, Eyes Wide Shut Tournament T

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  1. I like it a lot. You kept the design idea of the droopy Buddha eyes (totally asleep, and yet totally aware).

    Maybe lighten up on the brows a bit? He seems to be trending toward the una-brow. If they were thinned from below, maybe raised just a dite, it would move toward the more amazed (arched) eyebrows and the partially closed (how boring) look of the eyes. It’s all in the implied contradiction of “eyes wide shut”

    Monochrome is great (the original is strikingly garish).

    I can “see” what you did, and I like it.

    Bruce M(orehouse)

  2. You got a problem with unibrows?

    Well, I see what you mean. I’ll wait to see what others say, and then make a revision.

  3. I think adding that info would cool, helping to make the shirt more unique.

    I also wonder about where to get the shirts printed. Bruce and Perry suggested Liberty printing, in Maine. They do the Common Ground Fair shirts. But Five Ultimate prints on athletic jerseys which would be more pleasant to wear.

    Liberty shirts would cost approximately $18.

    Five Ultimate would cost approximately $24.

    What do you all think?

  4. Fab design, Josh. If DamFast has any lasting power, we might want to go with the Five Ultimate shirts so they’ll last longer. Hey just checked Five Ultimate’s website and it looks like they have very limited colors and very limited sizes in each color. Doesn’t look like that will work…unless I’m missing something on the website. So probably best to go with Liberty shirts. Re: the unibrow, I’d just go with the standard issue buddha brows.

  5. Turns out that 5ultimate needs 20 business days to turn around a custom design, so I think that’s out of the question — makes things easy!

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