Sprained Ankle :(

I sprained my ankle last week while running in the Hart estate with Mike. It didn’t feel like much at the time, but it swelled significantly afterwards. My personal physician and wife, Dr Anne Jacobs, recommended that I give it rest for a week, which meant that I missed one of the few sunny Sundays in weeks. Next week I’ll be away for a wedding, so it looks like the next chance I’ll have will be 8/23. Have fun in my absence!

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  1. I’m new to 52pickup, so I can’t quite figure out who you are, but sorry to hear about the ankle and glad it’s expected to heal soon.

    We had 3-on-3 Sunday, my second time playing with y’all. The teams were chosen by who happened to be wearing light and dark shirts, which turned out to be young vs. old. The old folks started off strong, scoring the first half-dozen or so points, but soon the kids realized that they had skills and starting using them. It seemed pretty even all day, although when we played to 5 at the end the youngsters beat us, 5-2 I think, on a few really close plays.

    I’ll be away next week, but should be back 8/23 and from them on almost every Sunday until it gets too cold for my old bones. My rule is that the temperature has to be at least my age, although sometimes I stretch it a little bit in the fall.

    I’d post this under “Week in Review” if I knew how.

  2. Hi Bill,

    Are you the fellow who comes up from Weston, MA? I think we played together a few weeks back. I created an account for you on this site, so you should now be able to submit posts and photos.


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