Each photon

Who remembers those throws
That hop between catchers
Without elation?

Breaths and footsteps
between catches are

Light pours into trees and carbon
Is stored in the wood.
Does each tree remember each photon?

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Lowly, slowly

The floating disc is buffeted from erstwhile virtues,
At the whims of wind and grip deprived footwear.

We turn, or quickly fall and try, oh,
We try and try. Week, on week

And year on year.

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Chill falls for the Maine Coast

Chill falls for the Maine coast.
Orange leaves, pumpkin, and disc.

Perhaps the grass expanse this afternoon
Will host a game to five or seven… but not six.

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Players run around chasing an orange ultimate disc.Now –
Shadows edge out, tentatively.
Out, towards trees touched

Longer nights and autumn’s caress.

Yet –
Warmth. And, lots of it, sits in
Air between our moves

Cumulus clouds and distant contrails.

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August Disc

Player of Ultimate Disc watch as throw is chased

August, month of summer!
Share your velvet softness,
And calm our cares.

All that happened, and will happen,
Is suspended for a myriad of instances.
We chase the speeding disc and race
With singular presence.

“Am I in?” Arouses debate,
But not worry.
Bees and butterflies join the game,
And leave without a word.

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Water Break

ultimate disc game

Sun heats backs and sweat
Sticks to the disc. Brows,
Shirts and skin pour.
The spinning orange aloft…
Elopes out of layout range.
At last – a point is caught.
“Water Break” unanimously called.

Somehow the heat seems
More intense. Drinking water,
Warm and vital and,

oh… [glug]

so… [glug]

Refreshing. [ahhh]

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Dandelions are back

Dandelions spot the scenery,
Like yellow discs amidst greenery.
Orange discs spot the sky,
Bright and blue, “Up!” They Fly.

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Late April

Returning verdure


Midcoast couture


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Spring leaps…

… into our game

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Another week, another snowman.

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Rain + Snow = Disc, Feb 4th

Rain + Snow = Disc
And, below the snow: ice!
Misty breath rises as players
Twist and slip, remove layers,
And reach for distant throws,
That the uneven wind blows,
Hither and dither…

We’re hucking discs in all kinds of weather!



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A Touch of Slush

Heavy boots and risky ice sections. players are running to find space to catch a flying disc

There was a mutiny to a brewery.

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All welcome

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Mid January

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New Year Reviving Snow Desires


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A few Fahrenheits

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bad snowy frisbee rip-off poems

Here follows the accompanying poetry from a snow disc afternoon:

So much depends

an orange

glazed with ice

beside the white

Whose cones these are I think I know.
Her house is in the village though;
She will not see me trudging here
To watch my cleats fill up with snow.

My little car must think it weird
To drive upon a road not clear
Between the woods and unfrozen lake
The snowiest game day of the year.

It spins its tires by mistake
On a corner I could not make.
The only other sound’s the beep
Of nicer cars with better brakes.

The snow is lovely, white and deep,
But I made promises, I think,
And miles to go before I drink,
And miles to go before I drink.

Wake! For the morning aft the snow of night,
Is for throwing a disc that sets the players in flight,
And lo, the sultan of gsb has caught,
The orange circle in a shaft of light.

Handling, while evenings right hand was in the sky,
I heard a voice on the school field cry:
“Throw me the disc, I’m open,
Before my footstep’s vigour, in the snow, go by”

And, as the disc flew, those who stood
Near the faulty throw shouted – “go to!
You know how little flight it posesses,
And, once landed, our upfield position undo.”

I … play disc in my head
ultimate so true
but of foot ‘m not fleet
and my elbow hurts too

… hope to see you soon, maybe stop by and say hi today,
have fun … I think a fresh 4 inches of snow is the best time,
make that the ultimate time to play

The verses above provided immense jubilation
But left my brow furrowed in deep consternation
To the Morning Sun, I ask of it slowly:
“How dost thou respond to such eidetic poetry?
Do I use dactyls or trochees or free form it all?”
The weight of it all had taken a toll on me.

To say I slept a wink is a wink more than true
Unraveled bedsheets and pillows askew
Works of Shakespeare, Goethe, and Rumi piled around
“Nothing rhymes with orange!” I lamented aloud.

But then I realized my pursuit was in vain
For my day will be spent in Western Maine
And I will miss the fun with all of ye.
So pass to your teammates carefully selected
Keep those vehicles and elbows protected
You ultimate snow frisbee sultans of GSB.

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Frozen Butterball 2017

Thanks for being a part of another successful Frozen Butterball! The tournament winner was Red Tide after an exciting final against Krunken Circus. A turkey will be donated to Midcoast Hunger Prevention on Red Tide’s behalf. We did not receive final score reports from all teams, but the top six can be filled out as Red Tide (1), Krunken Circus (2), Damfast (3), Dead Reckoning (4), Jorts and Flannels (5), and Suits (6). Thanks for putting up with field conditions that ranged from solid ice to mud pit – it seems like everyone managed to have a good time nonetheless.


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poster of our frisbee group

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Winter Is Coming…

This gallery contains 25 photos.

But it’s not here yet. We had a brisk day of ultimate on 11/12/2017.

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